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The eUMB Project
Phase 1 - Human Resources

Phase 2 - Payroll
Phase 3 - Financials/Grants

April 2003

Current State: Phase 2 is "live" and in production! The go live date for Phase 1 (Human Resources and Position Management modules) was October 14, 2002. Payroll, including the Time and Labor and Commitment Accounting modules of the PeopleSoft system, along with a new interface to the State Central Payroll Bureau went "live" on March 24, 2003.

Phase 3 Overview: UMB is in the process of planning for a new University-wide research and financial system (System). The sponsored projects application, as part of the comprehensive, integrated research and financial system, will support the requirements and administrative functions related to sponsored research activities. The financials applications include the general ledger, accounts payable, purchasing and budgeting. A project scope document will be developed which identifies the functional priorities and implementation timelines.

Proposed Phase 3 Features, Requirements and Benefits:

  • Proposals can be created at the department level, electronically routed for internal approval, and electronically submitted to funding agencies when the agencies have the capability to receive them in an electronic format.
  • Post-award data will be available, e.g.:
    • award restrictions
    • budget awarded
    • actual expenditures to date
    • encumbrances
    • un-obligated balances
    • billings and cash draws
    • invoice status
    • due dates for technical and financial reports
  • The grants, projects, and financial modules will be tightly integrated within one System, and interfaces will be built between this System and the systems used for the IRB, IACUC, and EHS.
  • Information currently in shadow systems will be maintained in the new System. Thus, shadow systems in the schools and departments can be reduced. In the new System, information will be accessible "real time" and anytime via the Web. The reduction of shadow systems will result in streamlined processes and cost savings.

December 2002 - April 2003:

  • Assessment of Financials/Grants System
    The core functions of the sponsored projects and financials information system (pre-award and post-award) will be determined during the Assessment Phase of the project (December 2002 through April 2003). Implementation activities will begin in Summer 2003. UMB has formed two committees, one focusing on the Pre-Award Processes and one focusing on the Post-Award Activities.
  1. Research Committee
    Subcommittees comprised of individuals from all schools focus on Proposal Process, Compliance, and Reporting. Meetings will be held from December through April.
  2. Financials Committee
    A committee of 20 campus representatives meets from December through April, assessing Peoplesoft Financials modules.

April 2003 - June 2003:

  • HR/Payroll system support, stabilization
  • Completion of post go-live tasks

June 2003 - 2004

  • Financials/Grants implementation activities
  • On-going HR/Payroll system support

Assessment Outcome:  The two committees will complete their reports in April/May 2003. UMB's Center for Information Technology Services will oversee the development of the software to meet the needs identified by the committees.

Phase 3 Outcome:  A comprehensive and integrated financials and grants system which offers contemporary technology and state-of-the-art functionality for research administration and financial services.