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UMB E-Mail Systems Integration Project
Phase 1

July 10, 2002

Diagram 1

Problem: There is a lack of electronic messaging functionality due to the independent nature of systems currently in operation throughout the University.

Goal: To enhance e-mail functionality by building "connectors" to the systems currently in operation as well as to a new campus e-mail server.

Objective: To successfully complete the phase 1 goal:

  • With minimal cost.
  • With little work being required by School and Department managers of these systems.
  • With minimal impact on the UMB user community.

 Current State: The campus currently has many independent e-mail systems. The separateness of these systems prohibits the availability of standard e-mail functionality across the University. Missing electronic messaging features across the disparate systems at UMB are: global address lists; distribution lists; calendar sharing capability; and the ease of sending and receiving attachments.

Tentative Schedule:

April :

  • Built campus "connector" servers and campus e-mail server.
  • Connected campus active directory e-mail server with Admin. & Finance, Law, Dental, and the Library servers. The users of these systems now have the added functionality.
  • Built test environment for connecting Novell GroupWise systems used in the Schools of Pharmacy and Social Work and SOM departments of Surgery, Epidemiology, and Psychiatry.
  • Created e-mail accounts for President's Office, Academic Affairs, and Research and Development in new campus e-mail environment.


  • Complete connections between Microsoft Exchange systems, including the School of Medicine, External Affairs, and UPI.
  • Add Nursing e-mail server to the campus active directory environment.
  • Enhanced electronic messaging functionality for President's Office, Academic Affairs, Research and Development.

June -August:

  • Complete connections between School and Hospital GroupWise and MS Exchange systems.
  • Begin creation of e-mail accounts in new environment for remaining UMNET users. 

Outcome: The connected Microsoft Exchange systems will have the following functionality:

  • Global Address List
  • Distribution Lists from the Global Address List
  • Calendar information and sharing capability
  • Sending and receiving attachments successfully

 The connected Microsoft Exchange systems with GroupWise systems will have the following functionality:

  • Global Address List
  • Calendar information and sharing with campus Exchange server (connection to GroupWise will only exist with the campus server and to Schools, Departments and Offices that migrate to the campus Exchange 2000 Organization name)
  • Sending and receiving attachments successfully

Communications Groups: President, Deans, Vice Presidents, IT Leaders, E-mail system administrators

Ultimate Goal: (Phase 2) To have all Microsoft Exchange servers migrate to Exchange 2000 and have one Organization name. Continue to maintain a connection to GroupWise systems.