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Student Information Management System
Current Status

Objective: To provide a Student Information Management System (SIMS) that effectively supports an optimal level of student service across UMB schools and central service offices. The system will manage student processes, including those related to pre-application, application, admission, enrollment, progression, and academic history. It will maintain a central, electronic repository of current and historical student data. SIMS will provide the tools for optimizing services to students and for making management decisions intended to enhance the academic and administrative quality of the institution.

Current State: Phase I was successfully implemented in calendar year 2001. This provided the campus with a contemporary system to manage Admissions, Registration, Academic History, Financial Aid, and Accounts Receivable. After going live with the first set of modules, the Recruitment and Display modules have also been implemented. The Display provides web-based services to students so they can access their grades, unofficial transcripts, course schedules, etc. In addition, the School of Nursing has implemented and used the Web for Registration (WFR) module of the BANNER system. The Graduate School has also implemented Web for Registration for some of their course offerings. Also, the Law School, Social Work, Pharmacy, and the Dental Hygiene Program are implementing web registration for Summer and Fall 2003.

Phase ll (2002-2003)

July: Completed implementation of the Display module (web-based services to students for accessing their grades, unofficial transcripts, course schedules, etc.)

August: Began implementation of WFR for the School of Nursing and the Graduate School.

Sept: Began the assessment and rules development phase, as well as software and rules "gap analysis" for the School of Law.

Oct.-Nov: Go live" with Web for Registration for the Nursing students. "Go live" with Web for Registration for some of the Graduate programs. Assessed and developed plans for other Schools to implement Web for Registration. Assessed status and work for implementing Web for Admissions for the Law School.

Nov. - March: Implement WFR for the School of Law, Social Work, Pharmacy, and the Dental Hygiene Program. Work with the Law School on Admissions Applications processes and the interface of LSAC data with the BANNER system.

April - Fall, 03: Continue working with the Schools to implement Web for Students modules for use by all students of the University.

Outcome: Phase II of SIMS completed to the satisfaction of the students, schools, and central service offices.

Ultimate Goal: To provide a state-of-the-art, fully web-based student information management system to the schools, central service offices, and students of the University of Maryland Baltimore that meets all business and process needs.