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Campus Substitute for Modem Pool,
Internet Service Provider Partnership

Goal: To implement a program, in partnership with a company, that would offer UMB faculty, staff, and students discounted rates for Internet service and provide reliable remote access to campus computing services.


  • To define the requirements for a campus ISP service,
  • To develop a request for proposal to which vendors may respond,
  • To make an award, and implement the service in partnership with the identified vendor.

Current State: Faculty, students, and staff currently access campus information resources through a modem pool, via various Internet Service Providers, or by telnet from various locations. The quality of the service is uneven and the cost varies by provider and according to the services available. Access to the Internet is equally unregulated and uneven.


Nov: Gather information. Research the marketplace and needs of customers, e.g., find other campuses who have undertaken similar projects and talk to them.

Dec: Conduct employee and student surveys assessing ISP preferences.

Jan: Conduct Focus Groups to interpret data and enhance the articulation of campus preferences.

Feb: Research other RFPs. Develop draft of RFP with Procurement Office.

Mar: Publish RFP, hold pre-bid conference, form bid evaluation team.

April: Evaluate bids, make award.

May: Negotiate contract, agree on implementation plan, begin testing of service. Communicate to campus.

Begin enrolling persons in the plan, roll out the service.

Initial Outcome: Availability of facile, low-cost access to the Internet and to campus IT resources for faculty, students, and staff.

Ultimate (Longer Term) Outcome: A very high percentage of faculty, students, and staff subscribed to this cost-effective solution for providing state-of-the-art access to information resources at UMB.