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Internet2 Primary Member Connection Project
April 26, 2002

Objective: To join the Internet2 consortium as a primary member and use the Abilene high-speed network to enhance collaboration with other Internet2 member institutions.

Current State: UMB is not a primary member of Internet2. The University currently has access to the commodity Internet and to Internet2 through a shared connection with 11 other USM institutions. The University of Maryland Academic Telecommunications System (UMATS) delivers all UMB Internet2 traffic, as well as the Internet2 traffic from the other 11 institutions and Kennedy Krieger and the Emerging Technology Center, to the Mid-Atlantic Crossroads (MAX) in College Park. The MAX connects to the Internet2/Abilene network.

Future State: Short-term (by July, 2002) As a primary member of Internet2, UMB will have "priority of service" to the MAX and connect from the MAX to Internet2.


May: Complete and submit Internet2 application.

June: Configure and test network equipment.

July: Connect network equipment to the MAX and Internet2.

Outcome: UMB will gain "priority of service" access to the MAX and then connect from the MAX to approximately 200 Internet2 member institutions via the high performance Abilene network. UMB faculty and staff will be able to collaborate with counterparts at other universities and federal agencies. In addition, as a primary member, UMB will be able to directly influence and contribute to the future development of the Internet2.

Communications Groups: President, Deans, Vice Presidents, Faculty, Researchers, Staff, Campus community

Longer-term Goal: To have our own direct connection to the Internet2/Abilene network as well as our own direct connection to the commodity Internet.