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Happy Birthday, eUMB!

It’s hard to believe, but the eUMB system has just celebrated its first birthday! The past year has seen the campus move from disconnected and largely manual systems for human resources, payroll, and position funding to a state-of-the-art, Web-based, integrated system known as eUMB, based on the PeopleSoft suite of products for administrative systems. On October 14, 2002 eUMB went live with Phase 1, the HR and Position Management modules. Phase 2 of the project went live on March 23, 2003, with Time and Labor, Payroll, and Commitment Accounting.

What does this mean for the campus? Well, for campus HR and Payroll representatives, departmental administrators and other financial staff, employee data and payroll transactions are now all online and accessible through a single integrated database. This directly affects the services delivered to our employees.

Also, the capability to capture time data electronically and process the data though a set of system- controlled rules ensures compliance with University payroll policies and practices.

And this is just the beginning! As time goes on the eUMB Project Team continues to improve on the first two Phases by rolling out additional system features and functionality desired by system users. One example is the new online Account Salary and FTE status page. Another recent achievement involves the automation of retroactive pay adjustments--the nightmare formerly known as payroll transfers. This will automate one of the most tedious tasks associated with payroll accounts management. In addition, the portfolio of reports available to assist all offices in the control and reconciliation of transactions is constantly being improved.


 So what's next up on the eUMB agenda? As you read this issue of CITS eNews, the eUMB Project Team and selected leaders of the campus community have begun a twelve-week process of analyzing functions offered in the Financials and Grants areas of the PeopleSoft product and targeting those which will be added to the UMB administrative toolkit. The specific tasks needed to bring new functionality to users will be determined, sized, and tentatively assigned to existing resources. This will facilitate development of a project plan with reasonable dates for completion of each module and subsequent integration with campus systems. Implementation of this plan will begin with the new calendar year. Look for progress reports in future editions of CITS eNews.

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