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SIMS and SURFS Student Information Applications

SIMS, the UMB Student Information Management System, provides the tools for optimizing services to students and for making management decisions intended to enhance the academic and administrative quality of the institution. SIMS facilitates the management of all student processes, including those related to pre-application, application, admission, enrollment, progression, and academic history. It also maintains a central, electronic repository of current and historical student data. For more information regarding the SIMS project, please visit the SIMS website at:

SURFS (Student UseR Friendly System) is the Web companion to SIMS. The SURFS webpages ( provide students with online, real-time information about their student records while at UMB. Students can review their personal, registration, grades, academic record, Accounts Receivable and Financial Aid information using the new SURFS webpage. Currently, the schools of Law, Social Work, Pharmacy, Nursing, selected programs within the Graduate School and the Dental Hygiene program permit their students to register for classes via SURFS. The SIMS Implementation Team recently started work on a Web Admissions module which will allow prospective students and applicants to apply directly to the UMB School of their choice via SURFS.

Recent Enhancements
Recently implemented enhancements to SIMS/SURFS include:

  • Sallie Mae's NETPAY credit card service was implemented to allow students to pay tuition bills, via the SURFS webpage.
  • Apogee Consulting software was implemented to process files received from the Maryland State Scholarship Commission to update student financial aid records.
  • Law School Admissions Council's Admit-M product and the companion NOLIJ Banner interface module were implemented to load selected Law School admissions applications directly into the SIMS.


Future Enhancements
Enhancements planned for the near future include:

  •  Database software upgrade to ORACLE version 9i.
  •  Banner software upgrade to version 6.0.
  •  Enhanced password security to meet Legislative Audit requirements.
  •  Automated admissions application interface for School of Pharmacy.
  •  Conversion from SSN to generated identification numbers for SIMS IDs.
  •  Develop online Help Desk application that will track all major applications on campus and the help desk responsible for assisting with each.

Research Data Warehouse Open for Business

The Office of Research and Development (ORD), in cooperation with the Center for Information Technology Services (CITS), has created a Research Data Warehouse (RDW). The warehouse captures the main demographic and financial information about all proposals submitted to external agencies and awards received. The information is loaded to the RDW nightly from the existing Grants and Contracts Management Information System (MIS).

The creation of the RDW was in response to the need expressed by the campus community for ORD to provide access to information stored in the Grants and Contracts MIS. The RDW has been designed to provide anyone on campus--including individual faculty, chairs, deans, and administrators--with access to the MIS information. There are a variety of standard Crystal reports available, or you may choose to access specific grant information and do keyword searches against the RDW via the Web.

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