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The Assistance & Services Center

The Assistance & Service Center provides training, documentation, and Help Desk support for all UMB Enterprise (campus-wide) applications. The currently supported applications are eUMB, SIMS/SURFS, Blackboard, and e-mail (UMnet, Outlook, GroupWise, Pine and WebMail). The Assistance and Service Center (ASC) is made up of the Enterprise Training Group (ETG) and the Help Desk. These organizations provide complementary services in support of our campus community. The training group teaches technology and business processes, and the Help Desk assists customers with the day to day operation of the applications. The two groups work together to provide solutions to customer questions and identify training opportunities.

Enterprise Training Group (ETG)

The Enterprise Training Group, the training and documentation arm of the CITS Assistance and Service Center, consists of a Manager and two Training Specialists with more than 50 years combined training experience. ETG has taught over 120 classes and trained over 1,100 campus users of eUMB, SIMS, PeopleSoft Query, Microsoft, Crystal Reports, and Outlook.In addition to conducting classroom training, ETG designs and publishes instruction manuals and user aids (both hardcopy and on the Web); facilitates user groups; provides access to training resources for IT staff and others; and works with CITS enterprise application development teams, contributing the "end user" and "training" perspectives. Training opportunities and registration are available via the Web (See individual system websites such as eUMB and SIMS) as well as through contacting the ASC Help Desk.

Help Desk

The Assistance and Service Center Help Desk, implemented in October of last year, is approaching its one year anniversary. Over the past year the Help Desk serviced an average of 230 customer requests each week, with a total of over 10,000 for the first year. 45% of those requests were related to UMnet, UMB's e-mail system. Over 5,000 faculty, staff and students have used the ASC Help Desk--approximately 47% of the UMB population. The week of August 18th the Help Desk provided UMnet USER IDs and passwords to approximately 1350 new students at the various School Orientation sessions. In addition to supporting faculty, staff and students, the Help Desk also co-ordinates with the Enterprise Training Group to provide solutions to customer requests and analyze trends to determine if supplementary training is needed. The two groups document recommended procedures and solutions to common problems, and share these solutions with their customers via the ASC websites, on-line help, through e-mail announcements and other communications.

The ASC Help Desk is located on the lower level of the HS/HSL in Room LL06. It is staffed by a Manager and three Customer Service Representatives who are available to help you Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Help Desk can also be reached by phone at 410 706-HELP or by fax at 410 706-4191. Their e-mail address is Frequently Asked Questions and their answers can be found at
help/faq.html. Need Help? Just ASC!