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Technology Tips:  End-User Documentation Available Online
by Buzz Merrick

Many of you know that the CITS Enterprise Training Group has been busy delivering training for eUMB, SIMS and other enterprise applications.  Did you know that documentation supporting those applications is available at the click of a mouse?  The ASC Help Desk has a web page that lists documentation available for GroupWise, MS Outlook, Word and Excel at:

Some of it is homegrown (written by us), some provided by software publishers. 

The UMB published documents are:
         Merge Madness for Word 97 XP
         Excel:  Basics & Beyond
         Pivot Tables Made Easy Guide
         Introduction to Outlook

Other publications available are:
         MS Outlook Documentation – XP version
         MS Outlook Documentation – previous
(2000, 98, 97)
         GroupWise 6.0 User Manual
         GroupWise 5.0 User Manual

For eUMB end-user documentation, point and click to open the Tips & Tricks web page of the eUMB website:

Here you will find the following UMB-published materials:
Running Reports in eUMB
         Entering Exception Time
         Setting Up Forgot My Password
         Clearing Cache in Internet Explorer
         Generic Calendar - Calendar of Payroll
            Processing Tasks for eUMB
         Departmental Payroll Processing Procedure

         Pivot Tables Made Easy
         Entering/Adjusting Personal Leave
         New eUMB Time Reporting Codes
         eUMB Queries Reference Guide
         eUMB Leave: Basics & Beyond
         Using Excel Effectively

Also available are answers to many of your questions.  These are available on the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page of the eUMB website:

Here are some sample FAQ’s that you will find there:
How do I add change or delete an eUMB user?   
         Where do I go for eUMB forms?
         Who do I contact for...?
         What kind of training do I need? 
         When is the next eUMB training class? 
         When is the system available for use? 
         What do I do if I do not see all my employees on
              the CA_EFP_BY_ACCT_CODE query? 
         Is there a report with annual salary per employee
              per account? 
         How do I delete a line in Weekly Elapsed Time?

SIMS User Guides and “Tips and Tricks” are available at:

Looking for the latest, greatest Payroll Reps Calendar?  You will find the link to it at:
Here you will find a wealth of information on Payroll Forms, a list of campus Payroll Reps, the Payroll Calendar, and Payroll certification procedures. 

Looking for Human Resource Services forms?  Go to:
Here you will find forms related to eUMB processing, benefits related forms (change of address, tuition remission, etc.), Campus Directory information and on-line forms. 

Of course, if you need information and don’t know where to find it, simply call the ASC Help Desk at 6-HELP (706-4357).  They will be glad to assist you!