Center for Information Technology Services

New Campus Alternative to Card-based Test Scoring System
The Center for Information Technology Services (CITS) will make available, on March 21, 2005, an alternative to the existing test card scoring system.  The existing test card scoring system (Scantron) will still be available to those interested in using it.

An enhanced hardware/software solution has been deployed that uses the Remark software with a PC attached to a high speed desktop scanner.   Paper answer sheets will be used instead of the cards. These can be purchased from the CITS Operations Center or can be obtained in exchange for existing cards.  These answer sheets must be obtained from the Operations Center and should be completed with as much care as possible. Both pencil and pen marks are accepted.

The answer sheets themselves are similar in format to the current card system except they are on standard letter paper instead of special, pre-purchased card stock.  The sheets offer a 150 question response and a place for the campus standard student ID.

The output of the system can be provided in paper or electronic format.  Should a user desire the electronic results, he or she must provide a writable CD (RW CD). 

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact your School or Division IT leader.

Banner 7.0 is Coming
Since 2001, the University has been using the client/server version of the SCT Banner software to power its Student Information Management System (SIMS).  The latest SCT/SunGard release of the Banner product is version 7.0.  This version of Banner is greatly improved in that it is Web (browser) based.  Starting this year Oracle will no longer support the client/server platform, so our goal is to convert to the browser-based version known as Internet Native Banner (INB) in the late-2005/early 2006 timeframe.  This project requires a complete overhaul of the current Banner environment.  The SIMS Technical Team will keep the campus informed of the progress of the Banner 7.0 migration project.

HIPAA Security Procedures Strengthened
The UMB community is familiar with the term “HIPAA,” which stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, enacted by the U.S. Congress in 1996.  A great deal of work has been completed over the past few years to comply with the Privacy regulation and now the Security rule, which went into effect April 20, 2005.  The HIPAA Security rule is being enacted to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of ePHI – electronic Protected Health Information that is stored on a computer system or transmitted across computer networks. The detailed examination of IT security, and the extensive plans, policies, and technologies that IT officers and individuals have implemented for HIPAA have strengthened security procedures across the campus, for both covered and non-covered entities. 

For your education and information regarding HIPAA and Security “best practices,” please review the PowerPoint slides by clicking the following link to access a PowerPoint presentation entitled HIPAA Security Awareness and Training.  Use your left mouse-button to advance from slide to slide, and/or visit