Center for Information Technology Services

Free Online Learning for UMB Faculty and Staff
As part of the UMB commitment to professional and staff development, Human Resource Services is launching an initiative to bring online training programs to faculty and staff members, at no financial cost to University departments. The e-Learning@UMB program, which will be launched campus-wide in April, will offer users a variety of online programs to enhance computing, business, and organizational skills.

This online learning program is not designed to replace instructor-led training courses, but is a supplement to more traditional training methods. Through the Internet, this work-force development tool will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at no cost to users. Employees work with management to determine job-related e-Learning goals, within campus employment guidelines. However, in their spare time they are also free to pursue other e-Learning subjects that interest them. 

The e-Learning@UMB program offers more than 2,000 online courses that feature answers to questions in 22 different categories—from desktop applications to operating systems, business development and management to customer services, and accounting and finance to employee relations. Examples of course listings include: Microsoft Office Suite, Project Management, Business Law, Team Building, Strategic Planning, Business Finance, Administrative Support Personnel Skill Development, and Personal Finance. Certification programs are also available.

Courses are 2 to 4 hours in length, and can be spread out over multiple sessions. For example, a 2-hour course could be completed over a 4-week period in half-hour intervals. The e-Learning@UMB program is like an online library—a user can review part of a course topic (similar to looking up a chapter in a book) or take the whole course (checking out the entire book).

For additional information on the e-Learning@UMB program, visit or contact Buzz Merrick, e-Learning Training Specialist, Human Resource Services, 6-1246.

Internet2…You’ve got it!
If you haven’t heard already, UMB is a primary member of the Internet2 consortium.  The Internet2 consortium is made up of approximately 200 universities and over 20 major research centers, which are working in partnership with industry and government to develop and deploy advanced network applications and technologies.

The Internet2/Abilene network is over 1000+ times faster than the commercial Internet (Internet1) and more that 15,000 times faster than a typical home broadband Internet connection.  It is much faster because of fewer connection points, or routing points when information is sent or received between Internet2 member institutions.  It is also faster because it uses high-speed contemporary technology and because of its restricted use by only about 200 institutions. 

It is important to note that you already have access to this network.  There is nothing special that you have to do in order to use it!  Computers connected to the UMB network have an immediate and direct connection to the Internet2/Abilene network.  A campus router “knows” the addresses of those 200 or so institutions that are members of Internet2, and routes information over the Abilene network when information is sent to one of those addresses.  If, for example, you were to click on your web browser and type in the address:, the technology would know that UCLA is an Internet2 member institution and will direct the traffic of your request over the Internet2/Abilene network. 

The primary reason why UMB is a member of this consortium is because our peer institutions and major research centers are members.  This high-speed network makes online collaboration possible, since it offers the opportunity to send and receive applications and large data-sets much faster through the Internet.  The Internet2/Abilene network also enables videoconferencing, and a very high quality of video transmission between Internet2 sites. 

For more information about Internet2, the Internet2 website address is:  If you have questions or want more information about using Internet2 at UMB, please contact CITS or send an e-mail to