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A campus-wide “Technology Classroom Committee” also has broad representation from individuals in the schools and central departments, e.g., facilities management, procurement services, and CITS.  This Committee meets monthly.  Its objectives include sharing inventories of classroom technologies, minimizing cost through leveraged procurements of classroom technologies, sharing needs, sharing personnel resources, sharing expertise, and sharing lessons learned.

Other ad hoc committees were formed during the last several years, e.g., a campus-wide HIPAA committee, which facilitated the planning, implementation, and completion of important HIPAA-driven projects.

In addition to the campus-wide IT committees, there are currently three important advisory groups:  the Wireless Technology Advisory Group, Portal Advisory Group, and the Directory Services Advisory Group.  These advisory groups have been given specific charges by the IT Leadership.  These groups meet as needed in order to complete the charges and make recommendations to the IT Leaders.  They have been successful in providing common solutions for the benefit of all UMB organizations. 

The IT planning and advisory groups bring together representatives of the UMB/UMMS/UPI organizations who share issues, information, and work on common solutions.  This planning structure enables people, as representatives of their constituencies, to provide input, feedback, and recommendations regarding priorities and the best IT solution for their respective area as well as for the University as a whole.  By taking advantage of and employing the right technologies, the schools and the University will be in a better position to remain competitive and meet strategic goals.

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