Center for Information Technology Services

Information Technology Strategic and Tactical Plan

Progress Report, July 2010

Work is underway to complete the action items in the new campus IT Strategic and Tactical Plan. To review the status and progress of items, as of the end of the 2nd quarter 2010, please click on the "spyglass" for each of the categories below.

Audit Requirements
Develop a plan for monitoring security logs (CITS network devices, database servers, and application servers produce millions of logged actions per day)12 items with due dates between the first and last quarters of calendar year 2010.Completed risk analysis that identified critical system devices and the frequency with which their logs should be monitored. Investigated automated tools on the market, received demonstrations from the vendors, talked to other institutions who are using these products, received quotes, and chose multiple vendors. We are now in the process of procuring these products.
Complete a computer policy to include a password protected screensaver.2nd quarter 2010This policy has been completed, approved, posted, and is being enforced.
Develop a plan of action items for relocating publicly accessible servers to a DMZ segment of the network.9 items with due dates between the 1st and last quarter of calendar 2010.Completed identification of critical servers and the VLANS required to accomplish the task. Developed a plan to include new load balancing requirements, equipment refresh cycles, and new firewall configurations. Created the VLANS.
Cyberinfrastructure and
Infrastructure Services
Complete the Storage Area Network Project for storing campus systems data in the new storage equipment.Through the 4th quarter of 2010.We are working with the vendor to apply best practices and EMC technologies for the storage development databases on the new SAN. Development systems will be migrated to the new SAN in the 4th quarter of 2010. Production data has already been migrated.
Activate and use the computer room space at 300 West Lexington Street facility2nd quarter 2010Installed network switches, and prepared the infrastructure for security card access. Relocated staff to the new location. Beginning to install network equipment, server hardware, and storage equipment. Advisory Committees are formed and considering options for technologies and operations models.
Enhance wireless security while expanding campus wireless infrastructure.2nd and 3rd quarters of 2010Completed configuration of equipment for guest, faculty, student, and staff access. Cut over to use new infrastructure and activated myUMB authentication to gain secure access to the campus wireless network.  Established procedures for creating guest accounts to the wireless network. Secure wireless access for faculty, staff, and students using mobile computing and handheld devices.
Work closely with Facilities Management to complete various projects.2nd quarter of 2010The security camera project in the President's Office, Fire Alarm Monitoring system, Activities for IMET and IBBR were completed according to schedule.
Work with ORD to provide infrastructure support for :2nd quarter 2010KSS TechTracS application, database, and web server support initiated and continuing.
Deploy contemporary IP Telephony (VoIP communication devices) in new buildings as well as in existing buildings that have achieved campus standards for network equipment and building infrastructure.4th quarter 2010Pharmacy School was completed in the 2nd quarter on schedule as was the implementation of infrastructure equipment for the new Pharmacy addition. Pine Street Annex completed. Several other schools and units are on track to be completed by December target dates.  These places are: Dental School, Social Work, Law School, the HS/HSL, and the Saratoga Building.
Enterprise Systems
Work with OEA to support the ADVANCE Development System Implementation.3rd quarter 2010On schedule with development and production databases, applications and web server environments. Will go live July 2010.
Participate: implementation of TargetX for recruitment, management, and communications to prospective School of Social Work students; help vendor to build an interface to Banner.3rd quarter 2010On schedule
COEUS grant proposal development and management systemongoingPerform COEUS production updates twice a year to keep current with federal regulations unless mandates dictate additional upgrades.  Continue to work with MIT and Kuali on changes to the application.
Electronic Processes and Communications
Continue developing e-forms for business, human resources, and student processes: Complete an RFP for an electronic toolkit.2nd quarter 2010RFP Completed and in Procurement Services for processing.
Perform an Analysis of Travel Forms preparing for conversion to electronic porcessing3rd quarter 2010On schedule for completion this summer
Implement WordPress for campus-based blogging capabilities3rd quarter 2010Complete
Upgrade Web Content Management System2nd quarter 2010Complete
Upgrade Cold Fusion Web Applications2nd quarter 2010Complete
Redesign Campus Homepage and Website2nd quarter 2010Complete
Complete Phase II of Dental School Website2nd quarter 2010Complete
Complete URecFit Website2nd quarter 2010Complete
Update Software Licensing Site2nd quarter 2010Complete
Regulatory Mandates
Support and implement mandatory changes for Salary Reduction.3rd quarter 2010Complete
Finish electronic interface for Campus Center uRecFit payroll deductions.2nd quarter 2010Complete
Investigate/assess risk for compliance with electronic systems used for payment/credit card processing (PCI Standard).4th quarter 2010Blackboard Transaction System is 95% complete.
Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA)July 1, 2010This is a federal requirement to prevent peer-to-peer file sharing, educate students about the act, and to provide alternatives to illegal file sharing. This was completed on time by developing student orientation materials, enhancing campus systems, and development of a specific web site for HEOA.
Support Teaching, Learning, Faculty, and Students
Upgrade to Blackboard v 9.1Seven stage project plan to be completed by 6/1/2010This 8 month project included: assessment, planning, configuration, testing, and implementation and was completed according to schedule.
Reinstate monthly Blackboard support telephone call to include representation by CITS, ETC Chairs, and invited personnel2nd quarter 2010Complete
Provide an online survey tool for teaching students how to survey3rd quarter 2010Survey Monkey is now used ubiquitously across campus.
Implement a campus-wide online communication forum specifically for faculty1st quarter 2011Currently establishing requirements through the ETC and evaluating various tools including SYMPA, Google Wave, and Google Groups.
Develop student e-mail account self-service by developing and deploying self-service e-mail account provisioning for students and replacing the current mass add process for incoming students2nd quarter 2010E-Mail self-service is now live. We are working with schools as they provision the incoming fall 2010 students.
Upgrade Student Information Management System (Banner) to version 8.x and work on priority requests.End of 4th quarter 2010On Schedule
Enhance student service provider interfaces (PharmCAS, ADSAS, NursingCAS, and GRE) into Banner2nd and 3rd quarter 2010Ongoing and on schedule
Work with ORD to provide access for faculty to research resources on a single website1st quarter2010Complete
Enhance software offerings of the software licensing officeOngoingThe Software Licensing Office has recently added the following new titles to our list of offerings: Adobe Photoshop Elements 8, Adobe Premiere Elements 8, AutoDesk AutoCAD, Microsoft Windows 7, and Wolfram Mathematica 7.
Develop training resources specifically for faculty:Begin 2nd quarter 2010 and ongoingBlackboard training: Schedule more demonstrations and presentations of the tools and technologies that are or become available, Develop training materials, Post online, provide training on-demand, Provide links that connect to a campus training website. All will be complete by the End of Summer, 2010.
Continue to implement new WebHelpDesk features and functionality.1st quarter 2011Continue implementation of WebHelpDesk to improve how Help Desk requests are submitted, routed, and tracked. Work with the schools of Pharmacy, Nursing and Law (as well as the other schools as they acquire licenses) to develop Tier 2 support. A development environment has been deployed to test a new version of the software and we are currently looking at adding the self-service features of WebHelpDesk including enabling users to submit and review tickets via the web. E-mails and telephone calls as well as walk-in assistance will continue to be offered by the Campus IT Help Desk.