Center for Information Technology Services

Information Technology Strategic and Tactical Plan

Progress Report, April 2011

Work is underway to complete the action items in the new campus IT Strategic and Tactical Plan. To review the status and progress of items, as of the end of the 1st quarter 2011, please click on the "spyglass" for each of the categories below. For the entire document click here.

Campus Cyberinfrastructure - Audit Items

Activate and use the computer room space in 300 West Lexington Street facility

- Install network switches and prepare the infrastructure for security card access and personnel occupancy.  (2nd quarter 2010)

- Relocate some CITS infrastructure and networking staff to this location.  (2nd quarter 2010)

- Discuss and determine the design of the room and the equipment needed for production and back-up systems, data storage, and high-performance computing.  (3rd quarter 2010)

- Engage and get advice from vendor partners regarding contemporary computer room design and the capabilities and effective use of power, cooling distribution, and equipment

- Purchase and install storage equipment for faculty research data.  (1st quarter 2011).

- Install computing nodes to be used as computational resources for faculty projects.  (1st quarter 2011)

- NEW: Creating processes for storage allocation and distribution. (2nd quarter 2011)



Done and Ongoing






Work with the Office of Research Development to provide server infrastructure support for:

- KSS techTracS application, database, and web server.  (2nd quarter 2010 and ongoing)


Migrated to new server and assisted Application Administrator (Done. On-going system maintenance)

Develop a plan for monitoring security logs

- Make decision on which product(s) is most appropriate; proceed with procurement process; acquire product(s).  (3rd quarter 2010) 

- Depending on product, identify procurement methodology (e.g., purchase off existing state contract, write bid or RFP).

- Install, test, and learn to use the product(s).  (4th quarter 2010)

- Configure the tool(s) to aggregate and analyze log data on all identified critical servers and systems.  (4th quarter 2010)  


Decisions made: Logrhythm, WhatsUp Gold, and Imperva Purchased.



LogRhythm for servers done.  Imperva for databases complete. WhatsUp Gold & Logrhythm for network devices in progress.

Develop a plan of action items for relocating publicly accessible servers to a DMZ segment of the network.

- Identify critical servers (1st quarter 2010)

- Identify required VLANs. (2nd quarter 2010)

- Estimate the number of servers to be positioned in each VLAN. (2nd quarter 2010)

- Create VLANs. (2nd quarter 2010)

- Review Load Balancer configuration (3rd quarter 2010)

- Replace/refresh equipment (4th quarter 2010). 

Research showed that the existing load balancers would not meet our requirements.  New load balancers were purchased and delivered at the end of October 2010.  Staff training was completed early December 2010. 

- Change addressing on servers not being replaced (4th quarter 2010).

1/6/2011: starting to put new web high availability servers in place.  Old servers will be taken out of service when new servers are fully configured and available. 

- Revise firewall rules (4th quarter 2010)

- Reconfigure firewall devices to implement a "least privilege" security strategy. (4th quarter 2010).








New load balancer in production; web High Availability hardware in production. This was completed in the 1st quarter of 2011. Done.

In Progress



Implement a new student email system. 

Migration to GAE in progress 2nd quarter – 4th quarter 2011

Activate and use the computer room space in 300 West Lexington Street facility

- Purchase and install storage equipment for faculty research data.  (1st quarter 2011)


Done, currently piloting use of the new storage with researchers.

Continue to deploy contemporary IP Telephony (VoIP communication devices) in new buildings as well as in existing buildings that have achieved campus standards for network equipment and building infrastructure.  (All of the areas below will be completed by the end of the 4th quarter 2010, with the exception for Pharmacy which will be completed by the end of the 2nd quarter 2010)

- Pharmacy School

- Social Work

- Law School


- Saratoga Building (85% complete)

- Dental School (85% complete)

See VoIP Deployment Project Plan








network upgrade in progress

Additional equipment being installed; complete early summer 2011

Email and Message Delivery

- Once schools are migrated to Exchange 2007, remove the Exchange 2003 Recipient Update Service from production and replace with the Exchange 2007 Email Address Policy Service.  (3rd quarter 2010)

- Replace the end of life GroupWise connector that links up the campus Exchange environment to the GroupWise email environments.  (3rd quarter 2010)

- Upgrade the Blackberry Enterprise Server to version 5.x.  (1st quarter 2011)

- New: Migration from ILM to SimpleSync for Global Address List (GAL) population

- New: Implement Ironport configuration changes to push Transport Layer Security (TLS) Encryption 

- New: Reconfigure Mass Email distribution lists and associated processes.

- Implement outbound email delivery using IronPort infrastructure.  (3rd quarter of 2011)

- Continue with the next step in re-architect inbound message delivery.  (4th quarter of 2011 and early 2012)

  • Re-architect legacy servers that handle delivery (2nd quarter 2011)
  • Use the IronPort appliances and Enterprise Directory to take delivery of inbound email and direct it to the appropriate campus email server (2nd quarter 2011)
  • New: Implementation of Google Applications (Migration 2nd-4th quarter 2011)












Replace hardware for development and production systems, as well as network, security, and communication devices, as part of a planned refresh cycle as well as for building redundancy in network and server hardware.  (1st Quarter 2011)

- Replace network switches, routers and firewalls

- eUM HRMS development database server

- eUM Financial system development database server Portal database, application and web servers (3rd quarter 2011)

- Servers that support Web applications and the Web Content Management System (1st quarter 2011)









Re-architect server configurations for Web applications and the campus Website Content Management System and position servers behind the Load Balancer.  1st Quarter 2011


Explore possible solutions for email encryption and data loss prevention (2nd quarter 2011)

- If feasible and cost-effective, implement an email encryption solution (3rd quarter 2011)


New: Implement collaboration software for pilot


New: Implement the secure collaboration software for pilot.


Establish common firewall rules for CITS and School firewall devices.  (1st quarter 2011)

Completed and Ongoing

Access to Information Resources

Explore the possibility of implementing single sign-on for enterprise applications and implement where possible.  (2010 and 2011) 

- Student and research applications to be identified and project plans to be developed for implementing the use of a single sign-on.  Student Systems done.



Blackboard and GAE are set for SSO via Shibboleth, SURFS uses the myUMBid (not SSO)

Create a myUM Community System that would replace the existing Affiliate System and the Stub Record application (application used for creating the UM One Cards) so that adjunct faculty, internal affiliates (those individuals that work on campus but are not paid by UM) and external affiliates can get easier and faster access to UM systems and resources. 

- Create basic system and introduce as authoritative source to the enterprise directory.  (1st quarter 2011)

- Design web environment for registration and administration.

-  Establish database to hold registration information, Community System security.

-  Create interface and establish a feed from the Community System to the enterprise directory.

- Transition non-eUM Affiliates from the current eUM Affiliate System to the Community System (3rd/4th quarter 2011)

  • Create and enable electronic self-registration. 
  • Develop an electronic approval/sponsorship process, including renewals.

- Use the myUMB Community System as a replacement for the current Stub Record application (application that is used for the One Card).  (4th quarter 2011 and beyond)

  • Create and enable electronic self-registration.
  • Develop an electronic approval process.




This is rescheduled for 2nd Qtr 2011

Additional Projects not in the Original IT Plan

- Integrate myUMid with NIH

- Integrate myUMid with EDUCAUSE

- Integrate myUMid with Internet2

- UPK Pro (June/July 2011)

- GAE (June 2011)

- Enterprise directory platform migration (July 2011)

- myUM Account Management site security enhancements (May/June 2011)

- myUM Authentication (SSO) redesign (May 2011)

- Electronic Phone Directory

- Integrate myUMid with Parking - Bosscars (May 2011)





Administrative Systems

- Perform an analysis of Travel forms, preparing for the conversion to electronic processing.  (3rd quarter 2010)

- Begin the technical development of Travel e-forms, converting paper forms and processing to electronic processing.  New Target date 2nd quarter 2011

- Prepare training materials and instructions and implement the Travel e-forms.  New Target date 2nd quarter 2011

- Continue with the Timesheet project and make the non-exempt timesheet electronic.  (1st quarter 2011)


Targeting for June for pilot groups to start using forms; campus to go live early fall 2011

Summer 2011


Investigate and assess risk for compliance with electronic systems used for payment/credit card processing (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).  (4th quarter 2010)

- Achieve standard and compliance, if necessary, systems used for credit card processing.  (2nd quarter 2011) 


Implement the new fringe benefit allocation model.  (2nd quarter 2011) - Postponed to FY 2012

- Complete MHEC scholarship interface for Financial Aid and Bursar's areas

- Integrate textbook requirements with the student academic registration process (2nd quarter 2011)

- Convert data form the legacy SOLARS system to Banner

- Convert data from 1980 to 2000 to improve the transcript gernation service (3rd qtr 2011)

- Develop a grade interface to Banner (eliminating double data entry to help reduce data integrity issues). (4th qtr 2011)

- Develop a new HS/HSL circulation application to manage software purchases and inventory.

expected to be implemented July 1, 2011

Delayed due to testing errors, new target date 2nd quarter 2011




Project has started; expect Fall 2011 implementation

Design and feedback underway with Directory Service and Help desk

Upgrade other administrative software applications:

- ImageNow document imaging and management

- Maximus effort report tracking system for grants

- Web content management system

Next upgrade scheduled for 2nd quarter 2011 


Scheduled for 2nd quarter 2011

Upgrade and enhance current reporting tools

- In addition to encumbering by fiscal year, investigate the feasibility to encumber salaries and fringe benefits by grant period.  If doable, reflect encumbrances in RAVEN.  (Investigation revised to occur in 3rd quarter of 2011).

Will start in 2nd quarter of 2011 to partner with Financial Systems to gather requirements from the campus.

Systems for Teaching and Learning

Upgrade the production Mediasite content capture system to the newest version (version 5.3).  (3rd quarter 2010)

Done; planning to upgrade to version 5.5 in summer 2011

Investigate and evaluate an online, real-time conferencing system for teaching and learning.  (4th quarter 2010)

- Prepare and distribute a Request for Proposals

- Evaluate responses and select system

In Progress

Upgrade other academic teaching and learning systems

- QuestionMark online testing and assessment software.

  • Test new connector to Blackboard (Testing resuming 2nd Qtr 2011)
  • Test QM version 5.0 through Fall 2010 Testing (resuming 2nd Qtr 2011)
  • Cut-over to new version (Summer 2011) Pending results of testing



Identify and resolve performance bottlenecks within the Bb application

(1st Qtr 2011 done, but will continue to address as problems arise)

Apply 9.1 SP1, SP2, SP3


Apply 9.1 SP4, SP5

Targeting for Summer 2011

More critical tasks for Banner: priorities after upgrade are:

- Oracle 11.g upgrade

· Application Server upgrades to address Oracle Fusion middleware updates  

Switching to Java from Jlnitiator

Appworx Release 8


Target late May 2011

Will perform after Oracle upgrade

Will perform after Oracle upgrade

Will perform after Oracle upgrade

Communications, Feedback, Service Delivery, and Support

Collaborate to identify and satisfy campus software needs

- Publicize software programs currently available in the campus Software Licensing Office. 

- Survey faculty, students, and staff to determine if other software programs are needed. Survey to be made and sent 1st quarter 2011.  Needs from the survey TBD and shared in 2nd quarter 2011




Survey in draft form; scheduled to be made available in May 2011

Help Desk collaborations across UM, UMMC, and UPI.  (Underway and ongoing)

- Pursue additional opportunities for collaborating with Help Desk operations across UM, UMMC, UPI

- Hold regular meetings to discuss and share information; identify areas for collaboration; streamline and enhance service delivery.


1st Qtr meeting was held April 7th with CITS as facilitator

Ongoing quarterly meetings scheduled. Next is July 14th

Web Projects initiated after the IT Plan was developed:

- Develop Mobile templates so visitors to UM’s websites can view them using mobile devices

- Address 508 compliance concerns, mobile accessibility and making site usable for visitors with disabilities.  Campus Wide Task force is being developed to assist with developing campus plan.

- ORD redesign

- Police redesign

- Enhance new Wellness Hub site and applications to use credit card

- Load balancing new Web Server Infrastructure

- HR redesign and move to CMS

- SMC Campus Center redesign

- Develop Telecomm database application

- Poison Center redesign

- Graduate School redesign

- Develop URecFit scheduler app


In Progress

Web Group is forming campus group


On hold due to branding


On Hold



In Progress

In Progress

In Progress

Waiting for Dean

No longer needed - they are using scheduling as part of new registration system

Develop training resources specifically for faculty: (begin 2nd quarter 2010 and ongoing)

- Blackboard Training

- On-demand, online and in classroom

- Schedule more demonstrations and presentations of the tools and technologies that are or become available

- Develop training materials

- Post online, provide trianing on-demand

- Provide links that connect to a campus training website

All of these span multiple areas within CITS - Underway




Done and Ongoing


Implement a campus-wide online communication forum specifically for faculty

Faculty volunteers are assessing and comparing two tools. A decision will be made in 2nd quarter 2011.

Continue to implement new WebHelpDesk features and functionality.  (1st quarter 2011)


Provide an online solution for document storage, sharing, and editing/collaborating for faculty.

Faculty volunteers are assessing and comparing two tools. A decision will be made in 2nd quarter 2011.

Design and/or redesign campus Websites

- Update the Graduate School website

- Convert Web content and Websites that are not currently in the campus Content Management System (CMS) and campus Web server environment.

- Develop a new Wellness Hub website.

Undertake an assessment of the Campus Center website, with a review of features and functionality needed for the site, and then perform a redesign. (2011)





In Progress; redesign is underway