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Apr 22nd 4:30 a.m. - Upgrade to the VOIP Phones
The campus voice network will be upgraded on Tuesday, April 22nd at 4:30 a.m. There will be a short downtime, no longer than 15 minutes, while the security upgrade is made to the VoIP phones.
UMB responds to the April 2014 OpenSSL (''Heartbleed'') Vulnerability

Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA)           Phishing Warning


- UMB responds to the April 2014 OpenSSL (ýHeartbleedý) Vulnerability
Get the latest details about Heartbleed and what you should do to protect yourself.
- UMB Community System goes Live!
Providing a means of creating identities in the campus enterprise directory in a real time, electronic process.
- Check our Availability Metrics
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- A New Way to Collaborate
CITS has recently introduced a new tool that facilitates collaboration among members of teams. Base... [more]
- CITS Enterprise Systems Training Enrollment Database
enables you to self-register for instructor-led classes on various administrative systems.
- Snippet - Video Tutorials
A collection of quick and easy solutions to common issues