Teresita (Tessie) Langreo, RN, BSN

Ms. Langreo assumed her role as one of the senior clinical trial analysts in May 2008.  Her current tasks include performing an in-depth review /billing analysis of clinical research trials and handling budget negotiations for clinical research studies. These research studies could either be one of the following: drug/biologic, device, or observational. Ms. Langreo also performs the role of monitoring and assisting in other research billing analysis within the department. Prior to her role as an analyst, Ms. Langreo was a research coordinator for the University of Maryland Greenebaum Cancer Center’s genito-urinary oncology patient population. She also worked as a research coordinator for the NeuroOncology Branch of the National Cancer Institute.  Previous to her role as an oncology research nurse coordinator, Ms. Langreo was an apheresis nurse for almost 14 years at the Department of Transfusion Medicine, NIH.  Ms. Langreo obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Mary Johnston College of Nursing, Manila, Philippines.

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