Ellen Datena, RN, BSN

Ellen Datena began her career in Clinical Research Billing Analysis in June of 2007. Initially, as a Clinical Analyst, she reviewed clinical research studies and identified aspects that could have implications for UMB affiliated Healthcare Provider Organizations. Her responsibilities included implementing policies and procedures for Preliminary Medicare Coverage Analysis and budgeting analysis for clinical research trials. Ms. Datena was promoted to Program Director of the Clinical Research Billing Analysis group in January of 2008. Immediately prior to employment with CRBA, Ellen Datena was a Research Nurse Coordinator at the Greenebaum Cancer Center, preceded by additional research nurse experience at the University of Arizona Cancer Center.  Other previous experiences, largely at the University of Maryland Medical Center, include critical care nursing, ambulatory surgery nursing, healthcare utilization review at Shock Trauma, and hospital bill audit specialist. Ellen attended the University of Maryland and completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the UMB School of Nursing.

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