Emerging Leaders

The Emerging Leadership Program is a professional development initiative geared towards assisting promising junior leaders in the Office of Academic Affairs and Campus Life Services realize their professional goals and in the process become the leaders they aspire to be.   The program aims to contextualize participants’ leadership experience through a series of interactive and informative sessions.  

This series examines the universal principles of leadership, including specific application to the culture of the University of Maryland, Baltimore.  It is designed to build repeatable and transferable knowledge and skills. The content is delivered through lectures, group discussions, learning activities, self-assessment, project development and presentation, and situational studies.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how leadership style and personal attributes shape ones management philosophy and approach.  
  • Interact and learn from senior leaders across the University community.
  • Learn practical leadership lesions and techniques to develop into a more effective leader.   
  • Develop a professional, supportive, and collaborative relationship with a cohort of colleagues that would serve as a resource and professional network.
  • Assess and examine personal beliefs, styles, and leadership behaviors to increase self-awareness and reduce interaction blind spots.


Attendance is required for all of the Leadership Series sessions. This is an interactive experience that requires each participant's involvement.