How to Get the Word Out

Have an event or message you want to get out to the student body? Use these resources to share your information with students. Are we missing anything? If so please email Katie Wollman.

WebsiteUpdate on your organization's websiteContact your web administratorIdeally this should be done as soon as you know all the details or on a semesterly or annual basis depending on the scope of your events
For Campus Life Services departments only. Featured on the Campus Life homepage slideshowEmail Katie Wollman

Email a week before the event or with photos after the event with:
    1. An image 458x278 px at 72ppi
    2. A short 1-2 sentence description
    3. The link to your event webpage

Social MediaUpdate on your own social media pagesContact your social media administrator
Send to Campus Life for them to update their social media pages

Email details to Katie Wollman

Please send a short description and a link. Campus Life is happy to help promote student-centered events on its social media pages.
The ElmUpdate The Elm>> Submit here
Digital DisplaysDownload Biopark
PowerPoint template
For the BioPark, Dental, HS/HSL, SMC CC and Parking please save as JPEGs and
>> Submit here

You've never made a digital display? Check out some of our helpful tips for resizing photos and formatting your text!

Download Parking
PowerPoint template

Download HS-HSL PowerPoint template

Download SMC CC PowerPoint template

Download Dental PowerPoint template

Download SON
PowerPoint template 

Email to Enjoli Sonnier 

Download SOL
PowerPoint template

Email to Law Media Services

Download SOP
PowerPoint template

Email Details here

Download SSW
PowerPoint template
 Email to Matt Conn
Download SOM
PowerPoint template
Email to Tom Jemski

Campus Life Weekly
from USGA

>> Submit here
Due Tuesdays at 5 p.m.. The newsletter comes out on Thursday evenings during the fall and spring semesters.
SSW Bulletin>> Submit hereThe SSW Bulletin is distributed each morning, Monday through Friday, during the academic year and on an as-needed basis over the summer.
SON ListservContact USGA Nursing SenatorUSGA's list of senators changes each year and can be found here.
SOP ListservContact USGA Pharmacy SenatorUSGA's list of senators changes each year and can be found here.
SOL: Oyez! Weekly Students Newsletter>> Email electronic flyer hereAn electronic copy of the flier is due Wednesdays at 6 p.m. to have it published in the next issue
SOD: Dental Digest NewsletterEmail Adam Zewe
Due Thursdays at 5 p.m. The newsletter comes out on Monday mornings.
Graduate School ListservContact GSA presidentGSA's president changes each year and can be found listed here.
SOM: MedscopeContact Med School USGA SenatorUSGA's list of senators changes each year and can be found here.
BioPark Events>> Submit hereTo login use your UMB username and password.
UMMC Intranet for Employees

Email event details to Lynda Lynch

 Bulletin BoardSMC CC 1st Floor

Email Katie Wollman or hand deliver to an attendant at the 1st floor Information/Shuttle desk.

See guidelines here.
URecFit>> Email or hand deliver to Meghan Bruce-Bojo (SMC CC 4th Floor)See guidelines here.