All logos are available for download in the Downloads section. If you have questions or concerns about which logo should be used in a particular instance, please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications for clarification.

Main Logos

There are 3 main logos, shown below. Use the logo with only University of Maryland when referring to both the University and the Medical Center. Use the Founding Campus logo when referring to only the University and use the Medical Center logo when referring to only the Medical Center.

University of MarylandUniversity of Maryland the Founding Campus
University of Maryland Medical Center

School Logos

Use the appropriate logo for a specific school when referring to events or programs within only one school. When referring to more than one school, use The Founding Campus logo, shown above.

University of Maryland School of DentistryUniversity of Maryland School of Law
University of Maryland School of MedicineUniversity of Maryland School of Nursing
University of Maryland School of PharmacyUniversity of Maryland School of Social Work
University of Maryland Graduate School

Center Logos

An example of the use of the logo when referring to a center is shown at right.

University of Maryland Center logo