University Website Structure

In order to take advantage of dynamic elements in SiteExecutive, websites and webpages will now be organized within the CMS in terms of their placement within the website navigation. As sites covert to the new template, content will be moved to its proper location in the hierarchy of the site. This reorganization will give consistency to our URL structure and will allow for more robust navigation.

Section Fronts

Section fronts are the intermediate pages between the homepage and sub-sites. As these pages encompass content from many different sub-sites, which are owned by various people and departments, site administrators will maintain section fronts. Section fronts will be located in directories within the root of the site. For example, the “Offices” section front will be located at


Sub-sites are the sites found on section fronts. For example, the Communications and Public Affairs website qualifies as a sub-site. Sub-sites will be directories within section front directories. For example, the Office of the President will be located at