Editable Parts of the Template

Parts on the Basic 2Column Template

Interior Sidebar

The interior sidebar is located to the right of the main content on your website. This area is for supplementary information that cannot fit in the extras sidebar. The interior sidebar can be different for each folders' contents within your website but is only available on the basic two-column template. The basic two-column template is not to be used as a default; only when it is necessary to add supplementary information to an additional sidebar. To create and modify the interior sidebar on your website, follow these instructions:

Create the file

  1. Create an "includes" folder in the top-most folder your website if you do not already have one. This folder will contain files that are included in your website's tempalte.
  2. Create a file within the includes folder. Give the file a name and title of interior-sidebar. If this sidebar is for only one folder, you may want to add the name of the folder to the name of the file so you know which interior sidebar this is. Under Tempalte, choose subsite_blank. Click "Save" to create the file.
  3. Edit the file you just created. Click within the text area and create your content. Be sure to abide by all style guidelines.
  4. Save and publish site-title.

Embed the file in the template

  1. Click on the folder in your website that you want to apply the newly created extras sidebar to.
  2. Click on the blue tab titled "Dynamic Content."
  3. From the "template" drop-down, select "subsite_basic_2col."
  4. Find "Module: Interior Sider." Select the extras sidebar file you just created as the object for this module.
  5. Click "Save."
  6. Navigate to your website to make sure the changes have been made.