Over the years, a wide variety of logos have been used to represent the University of Maryland in Baltimore (“University”), its six professional schools, its Graduate School, and the departments, programs, centers, institutes, and other academic and research units. Likewise, as the University of Maryland Medical Center (“UMMC”) has grown since its establishment in 1984 of the University of Maryland Medical System Corporation, programs at UMMC have developed independent logos and visual identifiers. As a result of these evolutions, the visual image presented to the public by the units of the University and UMMC often is confusing, cluttered by numerous logos, and not consistent with the collaborative nature in which the University and UMMC operate.

UMMC historically was owned and operated by the University. Today UMMC is a licensed hospital operated by the University of Maryland Medical System Corp., a tax-exempt entity legally separate from the University. Many students and faculty from the University learn, carry out research, and provide clinical care in UMMC facilities The facilities of UMMC and the University are physically connected in numerous locations throughout the campus.

The University and UMMC agree to unify the organizations’ public image under a cohesive, easily recognized visual identity that relies upon a common graphic (example attached) as part of each institution’s logos, and through use of a common style for developing logos that use the graphic along with appropriate names and other wording. Consistency will be achieved through a common graphic and a common style for wording associated with the graphic. A style guide developed by the University and UMMC will be used by each institution.

The new visual identity will anchor the University and UMMC in the deep historical tradition of the University campus as it moves toward the 200th anniversary, in 2012, of the naming of the University of Maryland and the building of Davidge Hall, the signature building on the University/UMMC campus. The new brand identity provides a simplified and consistent external public image to students, faculty, staff, alumni, patients, referring physicians, donors, and the community that is easy to recognize and is visually unifying.

The president of each organization will communicate these guidelines and guiding principles to all leadership within their respective organizations no later than May 11, 2011, and will introduce the new visual identity to the campus community (University & UMMC) and the public on May 12, 2011.