Critical Issues  -  Co-Occurring Mental and Addictive Disorders

From: American Journal of Public Health, Vol. 84, No.2, February 1994

Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Disorders among Male Urban Jail Detainees

Linda A. Teplin, Ph.D.

Psycho-legal Studies Program, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Northwestern University Medical School, and Northwestern Memorial Hospital


This paper presents prevalence rates by race/ethnicity and age for nine psychiatric and substance use disorders found in a random sample of 728 male jail detainees. Two thirds of the sample detainees had had a disorder other than antisocial personality during their lifetimes; half of these had had an episode within 2 weeks of the interview. More than 30% currently had either a severe mental disorder or a substance use disorder. Detainees with severe mental disorders or substance use disorders were most often in jail because they had committed nonviolent crimes. Policy implications of the results are discussed.

Co-Occurring Mental and Addictive Disorders Co-Occuring Mental and Addictive Disorders

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