What is UM Alerts?

UM Alerts, hosted by e2Campus, is the system used by the Emergency Management Team at the University of Maryland (UM) to notify the campus community about emergencies and weather-related closings.

UM Alerts messages are sent out via campus phones and campus email accounts. Users also can register personal devices such as cellphones, BlackBerrys, or pagers that are capable of receiving text messages.

How do I sign up?

Using your myUMid and password, click here to log into the UM Alerts system to register your personal device, email account, or home number today. You will need the phone number of the device along with the name of your carrier to register the device. You can remove or add devices at any time by logging into the UM Alerts system.

NOTE: If you registered with the previous system hosted by Roam Secure, you will need to re-register for the new system.