Emergency Reference Guide


The intrusion of water into a building can cause sudden and dramatic risk of injury to people and damage to property. If you discover a flood:

  1. DO NOT ENTER A FLOOD AREA. Hazards beyond slipping on a wet floor exist. There is clear danger of electrical shock, being hit by falling debris and encountering hazardous materials.
  2. Remove people from the immediate flood area to safety out of the water.
  3. If it is safe to do so, secure experiments in progress, protect equipment from water damage and secure any hazardous materials (and any materials which may become hazardous when exposed to water
  4. Report the flood to Operations and Maintenance at ext 67570 with the following information:
    1. Where are you (building name, which floor, what room)?
    2. Where is the flood?
    3. What do you see (water coming from above, the color of the water, the temperature of the water the source of the water, if it is visible)?
    4. What known hazards exist to first responders?
  5. Follow any instructions provided to you by Operations and Maintenance.
  6. Advise first responders of known hazards (experiments in process, hazardous materials, etc.) and critical equipment that needs to be protected if possible.
  7. DO NOT RE-ENTER THE FLOOD AREA unless and until you are asked to do so and are escorted by Operations and Maintenance.
  8. In the rare event that you are present at the moment when a flood begins and you can SAFELY secure the source of the water, valve off the source of the flood and then follow the instructions above.

Every step possible will be taken to protect the building and its contents. They are replaceable. You are not. Be Safe: Stay Out Of Flooded Areas.