Crime Alert


Locations: Dover and W. Pratt Streets (Ridgley's Delight Area) Unit South Paca Street

Within the past three days there have been two incidents were members of the Campus Community have been accosted and their cell phones were almost stolen.  In the first incident which occurred on October 31st in the area of Dover and W. Pratt Street, an individual was texting on his phone when two male juveniles rode up to him on bicycles and one of the juveniles attempted to "snatch” his phone from his hand. When the suspect was unable to dislodge the cell phone from the victims hand he rode off on his bicycle into the Ridgeley's Delight Area.  In the second incident which occurred on November 2nd at approximately 8 P.M. a pair of students were walking north on the side walk in the Unit block of Paca Street when two male juveniles attempted to "snatch” the phone from one of the students grasp.  When the student refused to let go the suspects fled on a bicycle south on Paca Street toward Russell Street. There were no injuries reported in either incident

The University of Maryland Police Force remains vigilant in its effort to keep the Campus and its surrounding community safe through the continued cooperation and intelligence sharing. We have increased our patrols on Campus.


Two black male juveniles approximately 13-16 years of age. Both suspects were wearing grey hooded sweat shirts, long blue jean pants.  One of the two was further described as having dread lock and an earring in each of his ears. The suspects were utilizing bicycles which were described as possibly being a BMX type bikes.

Safety Tips

  • Do not resist when your wallet, purse, or other property is demanded of you. Your life is more important.
  • Always be alert and aware of your surroundings. Do not be distracted by your phone or other devices.
  • When possible, walk with others and or plan a route of travel.
  • UM Police walking escorts are available upon request.

Anyone with information or having any knowledge of this incident is asked to call the University Police Criminal Investigation Division at 410.706.3573.