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In addition to the policy links above, policies pertaining to all University faculty are located on this Faculty Handbook page.  Please check these individual policies for their applicability to Adjunct Faculty.  Also, consult your School’s faculty policies for School-specific information relevant to Adjunct Faculty.

Grievance Procedures:  The UMB Faculty Grievance Policy and Procedure applies to Adjunct Faculty at UMB.

Shared Governance:  Adjunct Faculty who are interested in participating in the establishment of an Adjunct Faculty Advisory Committee are invited to contact the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs (X6-1850) by October 1, 2011 for an opportunity to be involved in the University’s shared governance structure.

Promotion from Adjunct Faculty I to Adjunct Faculty II:  All Adjunct Faculty should consult their School’s academic administration regarding eligibility for Adjunct Faculty II status.


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Employment of Non-Tenure Track Instructional Faculty

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NOTE: UMB Procedures are pending.  Please contact the Assistant Vice President for Human Resources to obtain more information or to request approval to maintain a supervisor/subordinate relationship between family members

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